What's Faith?

What's faith?
Faith is trust in God, yet what do we use as the basis for evaluating our trust? The Bible explains what it means to trust in God. We use the Bible to evaluate our experiences and set our expectations. So, knowing what we believe from the Bible allows our faith or trust in God to mature and grow.
What's justification?
Justification is a biblical term used to describe how Jesus can declare us right with Him (acquittal) without any works on our part to earn salvation. We can be declared right with God because of what Jesus did not the cross, not because of our works. Then as we ask Jesus to take our hearts and make them His, each day we can embrace the healing of forgiveness and receive real help with our selfishness problem (this process is referred to as sanctification).
The Bible says that Abraham was justified by what he believed, or by faith. Abraham believed God and it was accounted to Him for righteousness (James 2:23 and Romans 4:3). That means that knowing what we believe and why from the Bible grows our faith or trust in Jesus. As we believe His Word,  Jesus can acquit us of our guilt (justification) and guide the process of helping us with our selfishness problem (sanctification).
The process Jesus uses to transform our selfish hearts into hearts that honor Him is revealed as we read the Bible each day. Without growing in our understanding of the Bible, our faith will not grow. Without a growing faith, we will find it hard to remain in a justified by what we believe relationship with Jesus.
Understanding that we are justified (made right with God) by what we believe about God in His Word is especially important in the light of Revelation 12:1-5. In this passage we see God's people represented by a woman and Satan described as a Red Dragon with 7 heads and ten horns. This description of Satan is from Daniel 7 that defines the little horn power as a false religious system. So, in this passage, the conflict is between God's people (the woman) and Satan who uses false Christian teachings to deceive people.
We can find real joy and hope as we read the Bible each day. Then we can understand what we believe and why from the Bible. As we understand what we believe and why, we can be justified or acquitted and find healing for our selfishness (sanctification) by what we believe.